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Friend or Foe came about on a hot Chicago summer of 2018, with sketches of cartoons and word font play. Living in Chicago we have many up and down moments, but thats just who we are. In Chicago we have our own culture, traditions and way of speaking that makes us who we are. I wanted to curate that into my brand giving a tool to depict us away from violence and into street fashion. 

i’m inspired by street styles and after spending a few years soaking up the city’s vibes, I knew I was ready to design my own clothes. with Friend or Foe, I design what I feel and feel what I design. It’s a combination that keeps things lively. I love fashion. I also love clothes that live longer than a trend. After all, if you found an item that you really love, don’t you want to wear it longer than a single season? We wanted to build a brand that sells clothes that are more than just trendy. We want you to know that whatever you buy here, you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!


On October 31st, 2021 we lost a beautiful Soul, Morgan Brown. Morgan was a brand Ambassador for Friendorfoe and was a big compliment and influence to the brand. As gratitude of her outgoing, witt and loving personality, we dedicate this collection to you Mo. Forever oUr Guardian Angel, We Love and Miss you Morgan!

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